Our Approach to Health & Fitness

We all desire to be fit, motivated by a desire to look better or to live a healthier, longer life.

We make changes to our lifestyles – we exercise and we train, we re-evaluate our diet and habits, we shift our priorities – all for the purpose of achieving our fitness goals.

A few adapt a more athletic lifestyle, some become weekend warriors, while others simply do the best they can, one step at a time, while going about their everyday routine. But whatever fitness model we may adapt, we all need to be cared for.

FitnessTouch™ Massage is here to provide you with the care you need to support your fitness goals.

Massage is quite often overlooked in most fitness programs.

People look at massage more as a luxury – an indulgence – instead of an integral component of a healthier body.

Whether your muscle stress is caused by pushing your body hard in your training regimen or simply bogged down by mundane cares and concerns, FitnessTouch™ Massage is committed to work with you on your issues with all the training, experience and intuition of our certified massage therapists.

We will work with you directly or in conjunction with your trainer, coach, therapist, and healthcare giver.

Our goal is to help you achieve optimum health, reach your peak performance levels, minimize occurrence of injury, come back from an injury, or simply help you to relax and escape your everyday cares.

Let FitnessTouch™ Massage be an integral part of your fitness program.

Ricky Muyot CMT - working on feet

Ricky Muyot, CMT

CA certificate number 8706

Founder – FitnessTouch™ Massage