I was impressed with Ricky's professionalism from the moment I contacted him. He was very responsive to my appointment schedule and requirements. But the real treat started when he arrived and began to treat my tense back and legs. As a runner, I put my body through a lot of intense workouts, and Ricky was able to work out all of my pent up stress and tightness. Every time I have work done from him I feel a weight has lifted from me and I feel invigorated to reach new heights.
Monty Hill, San Francisco
"Ricky has the gift of touch. Using his intelligence and determination, he uses this gift to find the problem and fix it. As someone who loves to continually push my body athletically, my muscles are often sore and aching. By working on my many issues, many which I've lived with for a long time, he has enabled me to improve my athletic performance and overall health and improved my quality of life. Ricky's knowledge of multiple massage techniques (including some wonderful stretching techniques) gives him the ability to fix muscular issues that other people couldn't."
Rob H, Berkeley
Ricky has the gift of touch, a sensitivity to the tone and tension of the muscles. Always attentive to his client's comfort and privacy, he uses his hands to coax the body into harmony. At our last session he left me relieved and grateful.
Bill Meyer, San Francisco
I’ve been a client to a number of massage therapists, but I was never satisfied until I met Ricky. Ricky puts his heart in his work and I can feel that through his touch and careful massage techniques that are both relaxing and detoxifying. He makes sure that I am comfortable and is sensitive to how my body reacts. After a massage session, I feel relief because all the knots in my back have been taken cared of and this allows me to have a restful sleep.
Gail GP, Vallejo
My husband had a massage here on a recent visit from Wales. He has had massages in Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, and the Dominican Republic and he said this massage was the best he had EVER had. Thanks, Ricky!
Connie Owen-Holloway, Wales, UK
I get injuried occasionally trainning in MMA, weight lifting or from working. The first time I got hurt was my low back. I was in extreme pain and had limited mobility for about a week. I decide to call Fitness Touch and what a great decision that was. Ricky really knows what he is doing. I was amazed. After one massage my pain was more than 50% gone. I slept like a baby that night. My body has never felt so relaxed in my life. And the pain went away completely in 2 days. From one massage! He's the best. No doubt about it. If you don't get a massage from Ricky you are really missing out, and especially if you have back, neck or shoulder pain like I have had.
Derick Martin, American Canyon, CA

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